Working with big molecules in organic chemistry

Organic Chemistry is one of the toughest subjects that pre-med students are required to take, and one of the most in demand subjects for tutoring. Big, complicated molecules look very intimidating. So how do we deal with them and make reactions with them simple? One of the most common mistakes many students I tutor make is loose carbons. How can you prevent this mistake? The answer is simple: Number the carbons. When we number our molecules and draw them after reaction it enables us not to loose carbons and make the correct connections. Also, as long as molecule is corrent, it doesn't matter how "ugly" it looks. So pay attention to aesthetics after you get the correct answer. Organic chemist

Amino Acids on MCAT

Since the release of the new MCAT in 2015, there is more and more evidence on the importance of student's knowledge of amino acids topic of biochemistry. What exactly do you have to know? 1. The full structure of each amino acid. Yes, you should know how to identify and be able to draw yourself each and every amino acid. 2. Name of each amino acid (full name, 3 letter name and 1 letter name) 3. Category of each amino acid and what it means. We can divide amino acids into polar and charged, nonpolar non-charged, and polar non-charged amino acids. You should also know which amino acids are acidic and which are basic. Finally, you should be able to apply these categories in the context of biolo

College Admissions Planning

If your child is a sophomore or junior in High School, it i time to start preparing for college admissions. But how, when, and what? Here is the tentative guideline for the college admission planning. Spring and Summer of junior year Take SAT/ACT Create list of colleges you are interested in Visit colleges you are interested in Research their requirements Ask counselors about scholarships available in La Guardia September: Finalize college list Make a timetable of all of the deadlines Essay writing, start with the application Campus visits Apply to high school scholarships October Finish essays/applications and get letters of recommendation November Ask counselor to send transcripts to the c

Mayya's Monday Motivator

What day will you make today? I woke up early today, excited over all I get to do before the clock strikes midnight. I have responsibilities to fulfill today. I am important. My job is to choose what kind of day I am going to have. Today I can complain because the weather is rainy or I can be thankful that the grass is getting watered for free. Today I can feel sad that I don't have more money or I can be glad that my finances encourage me to plan my purchases wisely and guide me away from waste. Today I can grumble about my health or I can rejoice that I am alive. Today I can lament over all that my parents didn't give me when I was growing up or I can feel grateful that they allo

Preparing for MCAT early while taking classes

What is a good way to prepare for MCAT while taking your pre-med classes? At first it might seem daunting, but why not let the two work together? After learning a new chapter of your current subject, you can just practice using the MCAT questions as well as your professor's questions and tests. This way you do not have to learn different things at the same time. Reinforce your learning by practicing MCAT questions. See how the subject you learn is applicable to the test. Learning the buffer equation? Why not do a passage showing that blood is a buffer? And one day a week you can just review and practice MCAT questions from all the chapters you have learned so far. MCAT can be fun! It can and

Becoming a doctor in 7 years

Yes it is possible! If a high school student knows with certainty that they want to pursue the medical route, she should definitely look into the Sophie Davis BS/MD Program at the CCNY. This program is highly selective and very rigorous. Advantage? Faster track towards that MD degree and a paved pathway to the medical school, granted the student are able to maintain B- or higher grades in all of her biomedical classes. During the first 3 years, students enrolled in Sophie Davis fulfill their requirements for a BS degree. The next 4 years are geared towards an MD degree. The goal of the program is to produce more diverse primary physicians who would help communities and work in underprivilege

MCAT inspiration stories

The road to becoming a doctor is a tough yet rewarding one. Let's get inspired and look some inspirational cases. Hard work and persistance will achieve anything and everything. A true passion will never quit, and resilience will overcome all. Today's story features Antonio J. Webb, M.D., who applied to medical schools three times. He is now a succesfull surgeon. Antonio was discouraged by many advisors to apply to medical schools. He was told that his grades and scores were to low for him to get into medical school. Yes he knew that becoming a doctor was his dream, and giving up was not an option. To read the full story, please visit

How to stay positive while studying for MCAT?

Yes, MCAT can be overwhelming and scary! And it is a long journey. But you can and will ACE it! I find premed students to be extremely resilient! If you are taking MCAT, chances are, you went through some of the hardest classes possible! Physics, Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry. You overcame all the obstacles and are now gearing towards medical school! Let's look at some tips to stay positive and focused during your MCAT studies: 1. Make a study plan each day and stick to it. Make it your routine. For example: Wake up, do verbal! Breakfast. Go over a chapter for 1.5 hours, and spend 2 more hours practicing problems. Lunch. Relax. Continue with the chapter or do another one. Review formulas a

Mayya's Monday Motivator

Today is a beautiful day in NYC right before tomorrow's holiday. If you haven't guessed yet, tomorrow is an International Women's Day! We are so happy and proud to join in this celebration. Women are caring, strong and resilient. We take care of the home, excel at our jobs, give birth, overcome challenges, multitask, and remain beautiful and confident. We deserve a day to celebrate us! We put others before ourselves. We emphasize, and nurture. We fight for our families to live better. We help our men reach their fullest potential. In celebration of this day, let's take a look at some of the outstanding women in Science. Marie Curie (1867-1934) Famous For: Work on radioactivity Marie Curie

How to ace General Chemistry at NYU

I graduated from NYU in 2010 with Honors in Chemistry and Psychology. My first encounter with chemistry was somewhat tough. Having never taken AP Chemistry at my high school, I found the few beginning weeks to be hard. However, as the time went on I learned exactly how to study for this class and ace it. Most of the students at NYU will take Chemistry with Professor Halpin, who is a very sweet and caring professor. He was helpful during his office hours, and created notes for the students to help them learn better. Tips: 1. Your overall grade depends immensly on how well you do on the exams! Halpin provides packets of old exams. Do these thoroughly, if needed multiple times for the problems

Getting Your Drive

Last week a long forgotten feeling approached me. It quietly sneaked up on me, bringing back memories, energy, and excitement. That feeling was drive. It was shy, not yet assured of whether it wanted to stay, and yet, there it was. Drive feels good. No, not good, great! It is infatuating. It allows us to go and conquer out dreams, to believe in ourselves, to be excited and with every breath and step to believe that we can and we will. In the every day routine of work and chores, me might get lost and loose our drive. Yet, at the end of the day, we should remember why we're doing what we are doing. What is it, that we set to accomplish and what makes us happy. With that realization, we