2016 Nobel Prize goes to Yoshinori Ohsumi of Japan

Yoshinori Ohsumi of Japan was awarded a Nobel prize in medicine for his discovery of pathways of cells recycling their contents, a term called autophagy. Mutations in this process have been linked to a variety of diseases including cancer, Parkinson's disease, and type 2 diabetes . That is why the discovery of the pathway for this process as well as genes involved is so crucial. Autophagy was proven to have the same mechanisms in yeast as in humans. It allows cells to rapidly provide energy when it's needed such as during starvation. It also eliminates pathogenic viruses and bacteria after their invasion, and eliminates damaged organelles and proteins. Mutations in autophagy genes as well a

How do I recognize a strong acid?

You are doing acids/bases problems. You see a formula and wonder: How do I know if this is an acid and if it's strong or weak? Fear no more, Transformation Tutoring is to the rescue with great chemistry tips and tricks! Let's begin by figuring out what is an acid. Then we will see the difference between strong and weak acids. There are 2 basic definitions of acids. According to Arrhenius theory, acid gives off Hydrogen ions (H+, also called protons) when dissolved in water. Bronsted-Lowry defined acid to be a proton donor ( pretty much same thing but without the need for water). So what do acids do? Willingly give off their H's in the form of H+ ions (hydrogen ions also called protons). A st

Making science tutoring fun

Many students start having anxiety attacks just at the words: chemistry, biology, physics. It is a job of a tutor to ease the anxiety and make these subjects fun! But how? First, demystifying the subject, and breaking complicated problems and topics into easy steps will help a student see that its not as bad as it looks. Next I use humor to make our sessions more fun. That's not hard to do with my accent. Showing how the topics are relevant to real life also makes the subject very interesting. Whenever I explain nuclear chemistry, I talk about Chernobyl, and for acids/bases topic I mention one of strongest acids that's located in our stomach. Finally, supporting and encouraging students ev

Do I need to take Organic Chemistry?

If you are considering any pre-health path and career, chances are you will have to take organic chemistry. Let's see a list of careers that will require organic chemistry courses. Doctor (MD and DO) PA (physician's assistant) Nurse Practitioner ( depends on school and program) Pharmacist Optometrist Podiatrist Dentist The good news is that Organic Chemistry can be very very fun! A lot of work needs to go into it to ace it, but if you truly understand the subject, you will love the course! Often, organic chemistry reminds me of playing chess.You have to remember and understand each move, and be able to think ahead of time about each step. If you are struggling with organic chemistry, contact