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First we must write the formula for density. Density = mass/volume Now, let's figure out if we have all of the components for our equati

What are hydrogen bonds?

Hydrogen bonding will be exhibited by molecules who have OH, NH, or FH bonds. These forces are especially strong and influence the boiling p

What do arrows in organic chemistry mean?

It is very important to know how to draw arrows right for your organic chemistry class. Arrows are the backbone of mechanisms and show us exactly how reactions happen. The tail of an arrow represents where electrons are coming from. Therefore, we must always draw an arrow from something that has electrons. In most cases, it is an element with a lone pair of electrons or a double bond. Never draw an arrow from Hydrogen (many students often make this mistake). Hydrogen does not have any electrons to give. The head of an arrow represents where electrons are going. For example an arrow from oxygen to hydrogen represents that the bond will form between oxygen and hydrogen. An arrow from double bo

How does online chemistry tutoring work?

Online chemistry tutor is easy and convenient for both the student and the tutor. How does it work? Simple! Transformation Tutoring uses an online tutoring platform that has a white board and video capacity. A student clicks on the link and gets directed to the platform, where he/she can see the tutor and communicate. The white board capacity allows the tutor to draw and write formulas and molecules as well as upload pictures and graphs. Why is online tutoring convenient for students? 1. You don't have to travel anywhere and do it in the convenience of your home 2. The times are very flexible since our tutors can do online tutoring session later in the evenings and earlier in the mornings 3.

NEW MCAT practice test

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The virus that causes bird flu can attach to the cells of the lower part of the respiratory system i

The virus that causes bird flu can attach to the cells of the lower part of the respiratory system in humans, but not to the cells of the upper part of the respiratory system. The most likely reason for this is that these two groups of cells have different (1) DNA codes in their nuclei (2) enzymes in their mitochondria (3) amounts of water in their cytoplasm (4) receptor molecules on their membranes Answer and Explanation: A virus is a very small infectious particle that can only replicate inside the host. The main goal of the virus is to get inside the cell so it can start replicating. Why can a virus in this question attach to cells of the respiratory system but not of the upper part of

The expression 49x^2 - 36 is equivalent to

The expression 49x^2 - 36 is equivalent to Use this space for computations. (1) (7x -6)^2 (2) (24.5x- 18)2 (3) (7x- 6)(7x+ 6) (4) (24.5x -18)(24.5x+ 18) Answer and solution: If we look carefully at the numbers in the problem we can identify the expression as the difference of perfect squares (a^2 -b^2). 7x if squared will give us 49x^2, and 6 squared is 36. Therefore, we can rewrite the expression as (7x)^2- 6^2. What do we do next? Well, a^2 -b^2 = (a-b)(a+b). Now let's plug in our a = 7x and b=6, therefore we get 49x^2 - 36 = (7x- 6)(7x+ 6) choice C is the correct answer To learn more about tutoring in Calculus, Algebra or Geometry with our incredible tutors in NYC, or online please vis

How to overcome difficult times and problems?

Life is interesting, funny, beautiful and occasionally sad. Things happen. Sometimes they bring you joy and sometimes sadness. How to proceed when you encounter problems: 1. Try to come up with solutions, almost every problem has a solution. 2. Think about the most challenging obstacle you had to overcome. If you were able to overcome that, you can overcome anything! 3. You have only one life and you have a choice to be happy or to be sad. You have a choice on how to interpret every situation you encounter. And you can choose to interpret it in a positive and meaningful way. For more inspiration, as well as Chemistry, Math, and Biology tutoring in NYC, Brooklyn, Queens, and online please cli