The shape of a protein is most directly determined by the

The shape of a protein is most directly determined by the amount of energy available for synthesis of the protein kind and sequence of amino acids in the protein type and number of DNA molecules in a cell mistakes made when the DNA is copied Answer and Explanation: Proteins are essential molecules in our body that compose most of the tissue. Proteins are made up from amino acids (molecules that contain an amino group as well as carboxylic acid group). Proteins have primary, secondary and tertiary structures. The primary structure is the sequence of amino acids, and it determines what the shape of the proteins will be. In a famous experiment, after denaturing the protein (loosing it's shape),

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How to find out coordination number?

Many students in their general chemistry classes learn about coordination complexes. Coordination complexes are created when transition metal ions bind to molecules and ions called ligands. . Examples of ligands are: H2O, CN-, NH3, en. Transition metals have many unique characteristics due to their partially filled d orbitals. These characteristics are: 1. Transition metals often have more than one stable oxidation state. 2. Many transition-metal compounds are colored 3. Transition metals and their compounds often exhibit magnetic properties. Oftentimes, transition metals are responsible for the beautiful and vibrant colors we see around us. Coordination number is the number of atoms the tr

Periodic table trends

Atomic radius is the  measure of the size of an atom. Atomic radius increases as we go from the right to the left and from the top to the bo