Which equation represents a line parallel to the line whose equation is 􏰃-2x + 3y 􏰂= -􏰃4 ?

Which equation represents a line parallel to the line whose equation is 􏰃-2x + 3y 􏰂= -􏰃4 and passes through the point (1,3)? (1) y􏰃-3=-􏰂􏰃3/2(x􏰃-1) (2) y􏰃-3=􏰂􏰂􏰃 2/3(x􏰃- 1) (3) y+􏰄3=􏰂􏰃 -3/2(x􏰄+1) (4) y+􏰄3=􏰂2/3(x􏰄+1) To solve this problem, we must first remember that two parallel lines have equal slopes. To find the slope of the first line, we can put it into the form y=mx+b where m is the slope -2x + 3y 􏰂= -􏰃4 3y = 2x-4 y=2/3x-4/3 Therefore, the slope of the first line is 2/3 Now that we know the slope we can find the equation of the line by using the following formula y1-y2=m(x1-x2). Since the problem says that the new line must pass through the point (1,3), we can plug i

How to use Table G on the chemistry regent?

Reference table on Chemistry regent is your very best friend. It has the answer to probably around 80% of the questions asked. Today, we will go over understanding how to use table G and what kind of information it contains. Table G is titled as Solubility Curves at Standard Pressure. The x-axis title is Temperature and the y-axis is Solubility (g solute/100. g H2O). This chart shows us how much of each substance dissolves in 100g of water, emphasis on 100 grams, at different temperatures. For example, looking at the curve of SO2, we can see that at 20C about 10 grams of it will dissolve in 100 grams of water (by finding 20C on the x-axis and brining our finger up until we reach SO2 curve).

How to form a good relationship with your professor

Many students go to colleges with huge classes of 100-600 students. In this environment, teaching might feel not as personal. However, a good relationship with your professor can be achieved and should be very helpful in gaining the most out of the class. These tips will help you avoid feeling like your class you are in a stadium instead of class. 1. Go to the professor's office hours. Office hours will give you a change to get to know the professor better and learn how to best prepare for exams. Office hours are also extremely helpful in helping to answer any of the questions a student might have, or any topics he/she finds confusing. Transformation tutoring also suggests going to the TA

Ortho/para versus meta directors in benzene chemistry

Students taking organic chemistry second semester, learn benzene reactions. Benzene is a cyclic ring consisting of six carbons and three double bonds. When a benzene has one or more substituents already on, these substituents determine where the next substituent will go. The substituents can be divided into two categories: ortho/para and meta. Ortho is the location on the benzene ring right next to the substituent. Para is the location opposite the substituent. Meta is one carbon away from the substituent. How can we recognize whether a substituent is ortho/para versus meta? Here are some examples: Ortho/Para directors - OH, NH2, R, OR, Cl, Br, F, I, SH Meta directors - CF3, COH, COOH, COOR,

Summer organic chemistry 2 at NYU syllabus

Text: Maitland Jones, Organic Chemistry Jones, Gingrich, and Fleming Study Guide/Solutions Manual for TENTATIVE SCHEDULE DATE DAY CHAPTER July 08 Monday Chap 13 Dienes and the Allyl System read sections 13.1-13.10, 13.13 July 09 Tuesday Chap 14 Aromaticity read sections 14.1-14.8, 14.12-14.14 Chap 15 Substitution reactions of Aromatic Compounds July 11 Thursday Chap 15 Substitution Reactions of Aromatic Compounds continued Read sections 15.1-15.8, 15.13 July 15,16 Monday,Tues Chap 16 Carbonyl Chemistry 1:Addition Reactions Read sections 16.1-16.15, skim 16.16, re

How to figure out the number of HNMR signals?

HNMR stands for hydrogen nuclear magnetic resonance. This technique allows us to figure out the structure of many molecules. It is especially useful in pharmaceutical industries for the research in drug discovery. The number of signals that HNMR gives is equal to the number of different hydrogens. Two hydrogens are different when they are on carbons attached to different groups. Here is a set of tips that will allow you to solve the HNMR number of signal problems successfully: 1. First, you must show all the hydrogen to see what you are working with. 2. Look for lines of symmetry. Symmetry can be horizontal, diagonal or vertical. There can be multiple lines of symmetry for the same molecule.

How to effectively manage time when preparing for exams?

Managing time effectively is an amazing skill that every student should possess. While attending college and throughout my tutoring career, I often heard students talking about the numerous hours spent preparing for examinations. It is a common occurrence for students to pull all nighters and study all day straight with barely any breaks. At Transformation Tutoring, we believe that what is most important is not how many hours you study but the effectiveness of your time spent studying. Why? We have a limited attention span. Studying for many hours without any breaks is not as effective since it will lead to a loss of focus. Here are five ways to improve your studying habits and prepare for