October 27, 2019

The BA-Md program at Brooklyn college is an eight year program that includes four undergraduate years at Brooklyn college and four more years at SUNY Downstate medical school. 

This program is amazing for saving future doctors a ton of money, since CUNY Brooklyn is a city college with a city tuition and SUNY Downstate is a state medical school with reduced tuition as well. The program also has a guaranteed admission to a...

March 11, 2016

The road to becoming a doctor is a tough yet rewarding one. Let's get inspired and look some inspirational cases.


Hard work and persistance will achieve anything and everything. A true passion will never quit, and resilience will overcome all.


Today's story features Antonio J. Webb, M.D., who applied to medical schools three times. He is now a succesfull surgeon. Antonio was discouraged by many advisors to apply to medi...

January 25, 2016


Encouraging your every step? Shutting down your doubts? Embracing your ideas?


Think about it. Who, in your life, gives you the support needed to go further and overcome challenges?

At this point, you can go ahead and thank your parents, friends, and significant others for all the cheering they do along your way.


However, do not be content with this ending.

Your mom is not your biggest cheerleader and neither is your best...

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