October 13, 2015


I am constantly inspired by my students. That is one of the many reasons I love my job.


My students do not give up no matter how hard their path is. They overcome what others would not be able to, and everyday show what true strength is.


If they dont understand something, they will practice for hours, until they master the topic, even if it means doing millions of problems. They take 300 people lectures with slim to no...

October 7, 2015

 New prep materials for MCAT are finally coming from AAMC! How exciting is that?

No longer do students have only one single test to practice.

In November 2015, AAMC will start selling another practice test as well as the new AAMC MCAT Section Bank. The Bank consists of 300 all-new practice questions and contains questions from all the sections of the new MCAT (natural, behavioral, and social sciences). This means a lot mo...

October 1, 2015

You might not believe it, but you are capable of impossible. Because who is to say what is and isn't possible?

The reality of life is what we make it. And we can make it whatever we choose to.

Yes, there are different circumstances, but it is our choice of how to deal with them and what to make of them.

You are capable of fulfilling your dreams if you are passionate about them and willing to give it your all.

Don't get dist...

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