December 29, 2015

Every year, my friend Kat and I have a tradition. Right before the New Year, we take out our special yearly notebooks, reflect on the past year and write the goals for the New Year. We have columns for personal, career, and general. What we find inspirational or unfinished from the previous year gets carried over.


This process is not at all daunting, rather, it is so inspirational. We are proud of the achievements big...

December 22, 2015

It's almost done! As this year is coming to an end and we get ready to celebrate us and our loved ones, lets reflect on what has happened. Something bad, something good, something wonderful and maybe something sad? 

But no matter what, we have survived! And now stronger than ever we stand proud.

This year we grew and learned so much more (even if we didnt notice). And at the end of this year, we deserve to feel proud of o...

December 14, 2015

Its almost the end of 2015. These last few weeks we can finish what we set to do in the beginning. This is the last push to conquer the finals, to treat ourselves and others nicely, to do what we didn't get to before. What was our vision? Let's see it clearly again.



By the end of year we are tired. Tired of taking tests, working hard, stepping towards our goals. Let's make this last push count, so we can relax with pri...

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