April 10, 2016


How does our tutoring make organic chemistry easier? We simplify the information and introduce our students to the tips and tricks to solve problems correctly.

This, of course needs to be based on a solid organic chemistry foundation.


We start of by teaching our organic chemistry students the basic topics such as arrow pushing, resonance, stereochemistry, and simple reactions. We then proceed to the more complicated mat...

April 6, 2016

What is the Biochemical and Biological Section Bank of MCAT recently released by the AAMC all about?

The section bank itself consists of three sections, one hundred questions each.

Today we will focus on the Biological/Biochemical MCAT portion of the bank.


To sum it up, in my opinion, this section is almost purely biochemical (maybe 10% biology questions). While on the actual test you will most likely encounter more biolo...

April 2, 2016

Are you studying for the new MCAT or getting ready to take it in the near future?

Have you ever wondered where do the complicated passages come from? Well the asnwer is given to you by the AAMC authors themselves. Take a careful look at the section bank questions, or the MCAT tests AAMC released. Below many passages, there is a name of the authors, research studies ans journals the passage has been adapted from. And as y...

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