November 30, 2016

"On the one hand, we all want to be happy. On the other hand, we all know the things that make us happy. But we don't do those things. Why? Simple. We are too busy. Too busy doing what? Too busy trying to be happy"

Matthew Kelly

Let's find joy in our present. We go out and see sun and blue sky? Thats happiness! What else? Sitting on a couch with a cup of hot chocolate and a book. Seeing friends. Hugging our loved ones. Co...

November 22, 2016

I try not to be biased, but I had my doubts about hiring Stevie. His placement counselor assured me that he would be a good, reliable busboy. But I had never had a mentally handicapped employee and wasn't sure I wanted one.

I wasn't sure how my customers would react to Stevie. He was short, a little dumpy with the smooth facial features and thick-tongued speech of Downs Syndrome.

I wasn't worried about most of my trucker...

November 3, 2016

Terresa Miller, 46, said she’s in her fourth year of medical school and will graduate in May of 2017 and her oldest of three children, Cody, 23, is in his first and will graduate in 2020. Both mother and son are attending Oklahoma State University Medical School.

Terresa has always loved medicine but put it on hold to raise her children. After they became self sufficient, she went forward with pursuing her dream of worki...

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