July 6, 2017

Solid Al(NO3)3 is added to distilled water to produce a solution in which the concentration of nitrate, [NO3-], is 0.10 M. What is the concentration of aluminum ion, [Al3+], in this solution?

(A) 0.010 M (B) 0.033 M (C) 0.066 M (D) 0.10 M (E) 0.30M 

Answer and Explanation: Looking at the formula Al(NO3)3, we notice that for 1 Al ion, there are 3 NO3 ions. Therefore when aluminum nitrate dissociates in water, it produces 1...

July 5, 2017

Given i is the imaginary unit, (2- yi)^2 in simplest form is

In order to do this problem, we have to remember just one simple rule: i ^2 = -1

To solve the problem we first can distribute the terms 

(2- yi)^2 = (2-yi) (2-yi) = 4  - 2yi - 2yi + (y^2)(i^2 )= 4 - 4yi - y^2

Remember that i^2 = -1 and therefore (y^2)(i^2 ) becomes simply -y^2

Working with imaginary numbers might seem scary at first, but its nothing other...

July 4, 2017

The writers of the MCAT assert that its critical analysis and reasoning section, also known as CARS, tests three skills – comprehension, reasoning “within the text,” and reasoning “beyond the text.” Comprehension questions may ask, for example, about the overall theme of the passage or the meaning of particular words in context. Reasoning questions, by contrast, challenge the test-taker to analyze and evaluate the autho...

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