February 28, 2018

Organic compounds are compounds that contain Carbon, C and contain Hydrogen, H as well. Let's look at our answer choices to try to eliminate some answers. Water, H2O does not contain carbon is therefo

February 26, 2018

If we look at the periodic table, there is one group of elements that consists of very stable and unreactive elements. This group is called noble gases and is group 18. The elements in group 18 are found by themselves in nature, and tend not to react with other elements.

February 25, 2018

First we must write the formula for density. Density = mass/volume Now, let's figure out if we have all of the components for our equation. We do have the weight or mass of  silver metal, 194.3 g. But we need to calculate volume of the metal. We know that initially volume in cylinder was 242 ml and when silver metal was placed in the cylinder, the volume increased to 260.5 ml. Therefore, to find the volume of metal...

February 24, 2018

For centuries humans have cleared native grasslands and forested areas to farm on as well as built houses and cities on. It came with benefits but also with a cost. Since the question is asking us about negative effect we can eliminate any answers that sound like benefits such as 2,3,4. Indeed by eliminating g

February 23, 2018

Hydrogen bonding will be exhibited by molecules who have OH, NH, or FH bonds. These forces are especially strong and influence the boiling point  and melting point of the substances that contain them. That is why water H2O has an unusually high boiling and melting point. In organic chemistry substances such as alcohol, amines, and carboxylic acids are the ones that will have hydrogen bonding and will have unusually high...

February 21, 2018

In order for us to correctly classify ice, we must first learn what each answer choice means. 1. For a compound to be ionic, it must be a metal with a nonmetal. Since both hydrogen and oxygen are nonmetals, choice 1 must be wrong. 2. A molecular compound is composed of 2 or more nonmetals. Since both hydrogen and oxygen are nonmetals choice 2 is the correct answer choice.

February 20, 2018

It is very important to know how to draw arrows right for your organic chemistry class. Arrows are the backbone of mechanisms and show us exactly how reactions happen. The tail of an arrow represents where electrons are coming from. Therefore, we must always draw an arrow from something that has electrons. In most cases, it is an element with a lone pair of electrons or a double bond. Never draw an arrow from Hydrogen (...

February 19, 2018

An empirical formula is a chemical formula that has simplest whole number ratios on atoms. Therefore if we look at the subscript numbers in an empirical formula, we should not be able to divide them anymore. Let's look at each answer cho

February 18, 2018

Online chemistry tutor is easy and convenient for both the student and the tutor. 

How does it work? Simple! Transformation Tutoring uses an online tutoring platform that has a white board and video capacity. A student clicks on the link and gets directed to the platform, where he/she can see the tutor and communicate. The white board capacity allows the tutor to draw and write formulas and molecules as well as upload pi...

February 16, 2018

Hooray, AAMC released another official practice test for the MCAT. This is an invaluable resource since AAMC only released 3 practice exams and one sample exam.

The new exam can be bought on AAMC website at http://offers.aamc.org/mcat-study-materials-1

This will be a great help to any student preparing for MCAT since AAMC is the best source to use in your preparation. On top of the 4 total practice tests, a student can al...

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