June 25, 2018

The first section of MCAT (Physical and Chemical) involves a lot of math calculations, but yet, calculators are not allowed. Therefore, the section requires not only the knowledge of chemistry, physics, biochemistry and biology, but also completing all of the calculations successfully to get to the correct answer. Here are a few tips to make math a little easier and faster during your calculations. 1. Round Many number...

June 19, 2018

1. Khan Academy Khan Academy collaborated with AAMC to make their videos and content for the MCAT. You will be able to find videos on every topic covered on the MCAT for every section as well as passages and questions for practice. Many of our students enjoy learning from Khan academy videos and doing their passages. To find the content you can simply search for MCAT on the Khan academy website. 2. MCAT-review.org This...

June 10, 2018

Don’t: Follow the Prompt Like a Formula Sometimes college essays ask cheesy questions like “If you have to perform a song for a talent show in front of your whole school, what would you choose any why?” The college isn’t really interested in what song and why, so don’t just write some perfunctory answer to this. What the college wants to know is how you respond to those types of questions generally. The golden rule of c...

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