August 30, 2018

Our nervous system is divided into two categories: Autonomic and Somatic. Autonomic includes all the processes that occur automatically without our conscious thoughts such as breathing and heartbeat. Somatic, on the other hand, deals with conscious processes such as walking, running, raising your hand etc. Autonomic nervous system can be further divided into two categories: Sympathetic and Parasympathetic.

August 27, 2018

What does it mean for NYU School of Medicine? In our opinion, it means that it will become one of the most competitive, if not the most competitive medical school in the USA. Students will forego their expensive tuitions in the Ivy League schools just to attend NYU on a full ride scholarship, especially because NYU was a very prestigious school to get into in the first place.

August 24, 2018

When people hear about economics, often their minds immediately jump to finance. While certainly related, most subfields of economics deal with modeling human behavior. This is especially true in microeconomics, which traditionally focuses on decision making of the “rational” man. The basic model consist

August 23, 2018

Titration is a laboratory procedure where a known base is added to unknown acid (or vise versa) to figure out the molarity of the unknown. When the base completely neutralizes acid, an equivalence point has been reached.

Equivalence point pH depends on the strength of the acid and base involved in the titration. For a strong acid/ strong base titration, equivalence point pH will be 7, since all of the acid will be comple...

August 20, 2018

What is vapor pressure? The simple way to understand it, is to realize that pressure is caused by gas (in our case vapor). The more gas there is, the higher the pressure is. Vapor pressure is the pressure of the gas above the liquid. The more vapor there is above, the higher the vapor pressure is.

Intermolecular forces are attractive forces between molecules. The stronger the intermolecular forces, the more attracted the...

August 12, 2018

In order for us to find oxidation numbers, we need to learn some oxidation rules first.

Oxidation rules:

1. Oxygen is -2, unless in peroxides.

2. Group 1 metals = +1

3. Group 2 metals = +2

4. If the molecule is neutral, all of the oxidation numbers have to add up to zero.

5. If the molecule is charged, all of the oxidation numbers have to add up to the charge of the molecule.

When it comes to calculation the oxidation number o...

August 11, 2018

Many reactions do not go to completion, where all of the reactants turn into products and the reaction is over. Instead, most reactions reach a state called equilibrium.  At equilibrium, reactants turns into products at the same rate as products turn into reactants. Therefore, both forward and reverse reactions keep on going.

Equilibrium constant, Keq, gives a ratio of the concentration of products to reactants (Keq= [pr...

August 8, 2018

Water, H2O is a polar molecule (not symmetric) and has Hydrogen bonding (due to OH). There is a rule that says like dissolves like. Therefore, molecules that are polar will dissolve in water, and those that are not polar, will not. For example, O2 is a non polar molecule and will not dissolve in water. CH3OH is a polar molecule and will therefore dissolve in water. 

Ionic compounds (metal+nonmetal) will also dissolve in...

August 6, 2018

The mass of an atom is equal to the protons plus neutrons. Protons and neutrons are particles located inside the nucleus of an atom and give an atom most of it's mass. Therefore, all we need to do is simply add 26+19 to get 45 as the correct answer, making choice 2 correct.

August 2, 2018

To fix ideas, assume the economy consists of only everyone in this room, and the only goods in our utility functions are apples and bananas. Say someone comes in and arbitrarily gives us a bunch of different bundles, so maybe I have 0 bananas and 3 apples, maybe you have 5 bananas and 0 apples, etc. If our utility functions are dependent on both goods (for instance, u(x) = x1x2), immediately you can see we can be better...

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