December 27, 2018

Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins and therefore are a major component of our body. Those amino acids that are not needed as building blocks or that are damaged, need to undergo amino acid degradation and be recycled.

An amino acid consists of the amino group on the left, carboxylic acid group on the right and an R group that determines the identity of the amino acid. The primary purpose of the series of rea...

December 4, 2018

What does it mean for a reaction to be spontaneous? It means that the reaction will occur on its own, without any outside energy input needed. It does not mean that this will happen fast. In fact, it could take hundreds of years for a spontaneous reaction to occur. 

The way to predict spontaneity is by calculation Gibbs Free Energy or deltaG. When deltaG is negative that means the reaction is spontaneous, and positive me...

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