February 25, 2020

Both molarity and molality are measures of concentration, or how much solute is dissolved in solvent. Let's first get acquainted with a couple of terms.

Solute -  what gets dissolved

Solvent - what the solute dissolves in

Solution - solute and solute together 

Now, we can write out formulas for our two terms.

Molarity(M) = moles of solute/ Liters of solution

Molality(m) = moles of solute/ kg of solvent

As evident from the form...

February 21, 2020

To arrange alkenes in order of stability, we need to know that the most substituted the double bond is, the more stable the alkene is. Alkenes can be divided into four categories: monosubstituted (double bond is directly attached to one carbon), disubstituted (double bond is attached to two carbons), trisubstituted (double bond is attached to three carbons), and tetrasubstituted (double bond is attached to four carbons)...

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