November 11, 2019

What is the color of bromcresol green indicator in a solution with a pH value of 2.0?

(1) blue

(2) green

(3) red

(4) yellow

Answer: Choice 4

Solution: An indicator allows us to figure out the pH range of the solution and whether it is acidic or basic. To do this problem, we need to look at Table M of the Regent Reference Table, Common Acid–Base Indicators. 

According to the table, bromcresol green, has a pH range for co...

January 30, 2017

To check which bond is most polar, you must first find an electronegativity table (easily found by googling). You will then identify 2 atoms that make the bond, and find their electronegativity difference. Whoever has the highest electronegativity difference, is most polar.

Ex: Which bond is most polar H-Cl or C-Br?

Answer: H-Cl because it's electronegativity different is 3-2.1=0.9 which is great then that for C-Br (2.8-2...

January 24, 2017

Which atom has the greatest attraction for the electrons in a chemical bond? (1) hydrogen (2) oxygen (3) silicon (4) sulfur

January 18, 2017

Which two elements have the most similar chemical properties? (1) beryllium and magnesium (2) hydrogen and helium (3) phosphorus and sulfur (4) potassium and strontium

October 8, 2016

You are doing acids/bases problems. You see a formula and wonder: How do I know if this is an acid and if it's strong or weak?

Fear no more, Transformation Tutoring is to the rescue with great chemistry tips and tricks!

Let's begin by figuring out what is an acid. Then we will see the difference between strong and weak acids.

There are 2 basic definitions of acids. According to Arrhenius theory, acid gives off Hydrogen ion...

March 5, 2016


I graduated from NYU in 2010 with Honors in Chemistry and Psychology. My first encounter with chemistry was somewhat tough. Having never taken AP Chemistry at my high school, I found the few beginning weeks to be hard. However, as the time went on I learned exactly how to study for this class and ace it.


Most of the students at NYU will take Chemistry with Professor Halpin, who is a very sweet and caring professor. He...

January 28, 2016


Tutoring has been proven to be very successful in helping students achieve high grades in their General Chemistry classes.


General Chemistry is a problem based subject. Usually, 90% of the test questions involve problem solving and the rest is theory.

Therefore our tutoring involves a lot of practice. We do not believe in lectures or monologues. Student should be as involved as the tutor during the course of the session...

May 7, 2015

First, I would say that the two most important qualities a tutor must have are true care for the student and passion for the subject taught. Everything else is a matter of practice and experience.

What is the goal of tutoring? It’s not to simply share knowledge (that’s what professors do during lectures), and not show how to solve problems (even though it is a part of the session), but rather to make sure that the stu...

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