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Ward - GRE/Computer Science Enthusiast


Ward graduated NYU with a B.S. in Neural Science with Computer Science minor.



GRE (both sections) and Computer Science/Programming



My approach is to guide the student to her or his own understanding of the material. I do this by drawing upon the student's preexisting knowledge, asking specific questions, and drawing upon my own experiences in the subject. I strive to make the entire experience a pleasant one, because learning should be invigorating and fun!


Chemistry Tutor nyc

  Expert GRE Tutor in NYC, Brooklyn, Queens and online



Get an encouraging and knowledgeable GRE tutor. Ward scored 337 out of 340 on the GRE and is ready to share his secrets! Ward breaks down hard GRE problems into easy concepts and patiently explains each topic. He is truly passionate about teaching and sharing his knowledge.

GRE doesn't have to be frustrating or scary. With our amazing tutor, it can be, dare we say it .... enjoyable!

We can help you ace the GRE and get into the graduate program of your choice.
































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