5 study habits that will help you in college

1. Take good notes. Very often, what professor says in class is very important and therefore good notes are key to your success.

2. Study ahead of time and every day. This way by the time the test will be given, you will not have to cram and pull all-nighters.

3. Practice, practice, practice. Don't just read. This is especially applicable for sciences. Practice really makes sure you understand the material. Do as many problems as you can from any sources you can find, while paying special attention to your professor's old exams(if given) and home work.

4. Use visual tools. Make flash cards, or drawings, or anything that works for you. Make it colorful and easy to remember.

5. Form study groups. Study groups are an excellent way to study and find out what you know and don't know. My physical chemistry study group helped me immensely to get an A in the class.

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