AP Chemistry question/answer

The weight of H2SO4 (molecular weight 98.1) in 50.0 milliliters of a 6.00-molar solution is

(A) 3.10 grams (B) 12.0 grams (C) 29.4 grams (D) 294 grams (E) 300. grams


Molarity= moles of solute/Liters of solution

We plug in molarity and volume (convert ml to L by dividing by 1000), to get 6M = moles/ 0.05L

moles = 0.3 moles of H2SO4

Now, we have to cover moles to grams

0.3 moles of H2SO4 ( 98.1 grams/mole) = 29.43 grams.

The correct answer is C

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