The expression 49x^2 - 36 is equivalent to

The expression 49x^2 - 36 is equivalent to

Use this space for computations.

(1) (7x -6)^2 (2) (24.5x- 18)2

(3) (7x- 6)(7x+ 6) (4) (24.5x -18)(24.5x+ 18)

Answer and solution:

If we look carefully at the numbers in the problem we can identify the expression as the difference of perfect squares (a^2 -b^2). 7x if squared will give us 49x^2, and 6 squared is 36. Therefore, we can rewrite the expression as (7x)^2- 6^2. What do we do next? Well, a^2 -b^2 = (a-b)(a+b). Now let's plug in our a = 7x and b=6, therefore we get 49x^2 - 36 = (7x- 6)(7x+ 6) choice C is the correct answer

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