A photon with an energy of 1.33 × 10−21 joule has a frequency of

A photon with an energy of 1.33 × 10−21 joule has a frequency of

(1) 5.02 × 10^13 Hz

(2) 2.01 × 10^12 Hz

(3) 8.82 × 10^14 Hz

(4) 5.30 × 10^34 Hz

Answer and Explanation:

A photon is a particle of light. The formula for the energy of the photon can be found in the Physics Reference Table. It is Ephoton = hf where h is the plank's constant that can be found in reference table as well to be equal to 6.63 × 10–34 J•s. Therefore, all we need to do is plug in Planks constant as well as energy into the formula to find frequency. We get 1.33 × 10−21 = 6.63 × 10–34 J•s (f). F = 1.33 × 10−21/(6.63 × 10–34 J•s) = 2.006*10^12. Therefore, choice B is the correct answer.

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