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Sam L. 



Sam graduated from Kirkwood High School in 2016 with a 4.19 GPA (3.93 Unweighted), ranked 5 / 451 in my class. My advanced coursework included AP Calculus, AP English Literature, AP English Language, AP US History, AP World History, AP US Government, AP Psychology, AP Physics, and AP Biology. I also took the ACT with a score of 34 and the SAT with a score of 2300.


Sam's approach to tutoring is to begin working through individual problems, and once those are mastered, to learn the strategies that can be applied generally to any of these types of problems. He gauges the student's ability to arrive at solutions on their own and how much he needs to help them, based on their prior experience and demonstrated understanding of the problem. 


For English and essay writing, Sam will focus on how to decide what to write about, clear and concise language, general essay structure, and how to get the most impact from students' writing with a limited word count. 

Subjects: SAT, ACT,  college essay writing, high school level math and english, and computer science (mainly python and C)