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Finding the best MCAT prep for you.

One of the key factors for success on the MCAT exam is the right preparation materials and tutoring. With most courses starting from well over a thousand dollars and many running much higher, the decision of what company to choose becomes quite serious. Lets check out some of the ways you can avoid wasting money on preparation you don't like, and find the one that suits you the best.

1. Recommendations are great, but don`t rely on them completely. While it is a good idea to ask friends and successful medical students what their preferred prep company was, dont assume that you will love it as well. Each student is unique in her learning styles and areas of weaknesses.What works for your friend might not work for you.Therefore, it is of the outermost importance to check the company yourself and do a thorough research.

2. Before signing up for the course, ask to try it out. This is perhaps the most important part of your research. Many companies will allow you to sit in on their lessons or have a weekly trial of their online platform. Check out different companies to find the one that helps you understand the test and material the best. Be proactive, and ask companies if they offer free trials. Most will not want to loose a potential student and will satisfy your request. MCAT course is a big investment and you dont want to end up with wasted time and money.

3. Make sure that the company follows AAMC guide closely. MCAT2015 is very different from the old test. Some companies still test you on the old material, and do not follow AAMC guide closely. Always follow AAMC guidelines in your studying to make sure you know everything that is expected of you.

4.Ask questions. You can ask whether tutors have taken the new MCAT and know well what is on it ?You can also ask for testimonials.What is their method of teaching? How are they different from other tutoring companies? How much, on average do their students improve? The answers will help you guide in your decision.

If you have any questions about finding the best MCAT tutor for you, or what is the different between various MCAT prep companies and materials, call 646-407-9078 or visit


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