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Preparing for MCAT throughout college

It takes students from 4 months and up to a year of MCAT preparation to ace MCAT. Going over and relearning 7 subjects is very time consuming.Therefore, its a great idea to take college classes with MCAT in mind. What does it mean?

Well, the problem for most students is when the time comes to take MCAT, they have forgotten all of the material they learned throughout the years. One simple way to eliminate this is to lightly review each subject as often as you can. Dont throw out your notes and textbooks. Review them often, especially during vacations and holidays.

Should you review everything? Not at all. Refer to the AAMC guidelines for the new MCAT to learn all the topics you must know for each section on the MCAT.

This will ensure that when time comes to take the MCAT, you won't need a year to rememorize and relearn everything you have forgotten.

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