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Happy Holidays From Transformation Tutoring

Happy Holidays

It's almost done! As this year is coming to an end and we get ready to celebrate us and our loved ones, lets reflect on what has happened. Something bad, something good, something wonderful and maybe something sad?

But no matter what, we have survived! And now stronger than ever we stand proud.

This year we grew and learned so much more (even if we didnt notice). And at the end of this year, we deserve to feel proud of our accomplishements, be that finishing up a difficult semester, building a new website, having a baby, or taking good care of people we love. Let's remember each smile we gifted others with, each class we attended at 8am, every meal we cooked, every time we decided to get out of bed to go to work even if it was impossibly difficult and crazy early. No matter how big or small, make a list of what you have achieved this year. I am sure each one of us has a reason to feel proud.

Thank you so much for being a part of Mayya's Monday Motivators, and keeping me inspired every day.

Have an amazing, wonderful, incredible week!


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