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Giving yourself more credit

Sometimes we do not give ourselves enough credit

We wake up every day.

We go to work or to school.

We take care of our families, and push ourselves. Yet, we might not even acknowledge our hard work. Believing in ourselves and being confident should be on our top priority list. But how?

The secret of Dulce Candy, a succesful youtuber, is to "have a document on hand (you can have a physical paper or save one on your computer) where you keep a running list of milestones." What a great idea!

Now, every time we feel doubtful about our abilities to overcome hardships, or need a little confidence boost, all we have to do is look at the list!

It is our job to feel proud of ourselves. No reason to wait! I will make mine right now:)

Transformation Tutoring wishes you an incredible week ahead!



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