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What Post-bac Program in NYC should you apply to?

Many of our students are on the pre-med Postbac track. This means that they already have an undegraduate degree and are going back to school to persue a career in medicine.

This is a big decision that requires time commitment but is very rewarding in the end.

What Post-bac Program in NYC should you apply to?

Among some of the most popular schools that offer the pre-med postbac program are:




Hunter (CUNY)

City College of New York (CUNY)


Some of the factors you should be looking at are:

Financials - Private schools are much more expensive than public. If you have a hard time affording private college, I strongly recommend applying to CUNY schools. They give amazing education at one tenth of the price. Don't forget how expensive medical school will be as well.

Class size - Many schools listed have lectures of 300 students and up. Find out how big the lectures are and apply to the schools with smaller class sizes if it will help you learn better.

Location - Choose a location that is convenient for you. Traveling up to 4 hours every day might be very tiring and not productive for your studies.

Finally, I highly suggest going to each school and asking to sit in on their classes. At the end of the day, you want great professors and doable classes.

So do you HW, research, and please contact us with any questions about your pre-med Post Bac track.


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