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How to stay positive while studying for MCAT?

Yes, MCAT can be overwhelming and scary! And it is a long journey. But you can and will ACE it!

I find premed students to be extremely resilient!

If you are taking MCAT, chances are, you went through some of the hardest classes possible! Physics, Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry. You overcame all the obstacles and are now gearing towards medical school!

Let's look at some tips to stay positive and focused during your MCAT studies:

1. Make a study plan each day and stick to it. Make it your routine. For example: Wake up, do verbal! Breakfast. Go over a chapter for 1.5 hours, and spend 2 more hours practicing problems. Lunch. Relax. Continue with the chapter or do another one. Review formulas and your notes before your go to sleep.

2. Be proud and praise yourself for every chapter you have conquered. Every exam you have taken! Every passage you have done. You deserve to feel proud and accomplished. You deserve praise for working hard towards your dream.

3. Do not get discouraged if you don't get the results or don't see the progress. Yes, it feels not so good. But with every mistake, you learn something new. If you don't see progress, change the way you study. Figure out why you are not seeing it. Maybe you have not learned material well enough, go back! Maybe you are not doing well with time, work out a plan to solve problems faster.

4. Make MCAT fun. Come up with funny memorization mnemonics. The passages are like puzzles. Many are so intere

sting and relevant to medicine. Take interest in them.

5. Read inspirational MCAT stories, and put inspirational quotes all over your room. Hard work does pay off!

MCAT can be fun and interesting, and you can and WILL ACE it!

Do you have any inspirational stories you would like to share?

Please write them in the comment section below or send them through the contact page


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