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What can we learn from children?

1. Simple things can make us happy! A sunny day, a cloud shaped like Mickey Mouse, yummy snack, funny movie, and playing in the snow! To be happy we don't need anything too complicated.

2. Spend time doing things we love. Why not? There is only one life and we should enjoy it. Children draw beautiful pictures, dance and watch cartoons. We should spend less time worrying about tomorrow and more time enjoying today, and doing what we love.

3. Look at this world with hope and belief. Children believe they can do anything, and the secret is that we really can! With enough belief in ourselves and hard work, we can achieve the impossible. If we choose to be hopeful and positive, no one can convince us otherwise. And if other people choose to be negative, and to view this world "realistically" let them enjoy their misery, but we don't have to join!

Transformation Tutoring wishes you an amazing week ahead!


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