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Physics tutoring

Physics is considered to be one of the hardest subjects to excel in. It uses math to solve problems on such topics as electricity, kinematics, sound, work, energy and magnetism.

Physics requires a good understanding of the basics along with a lot of practice!

Our physics tutor Jeff loves the subject and gladly shares his knowledge with his students. Jeff helps students understand the how and why of physics. He also guides his students in problem solving. Practice does make perfect, and this proverb could not be more applicable to physics.

Jeffrey's tutoring philosophy is to present the material in a way that the student can easily relate to. If a student likes formulas, he will describe phenomena using formulas. If a student prefers learning visually with drawings and diagrams, then he will employ those. Jeffrey will literally do anything possible and will present the material as many ways as necessary until it sticks in the student's mind. Additionally, Jeffrey will be your biggest supporter and prove to you that you can learn anything, as long as the material is presented in the right way and you are willing to put in the work. He is extremely patient and will never make you feel down or embarrassed about your current level of knowledge, it is all about where you will end up when you are done (i.e. with a great grade/score you are satisfied with).


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I tutor all levels of chemistry including general and organic chemistry.

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