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Simple Happiness

As I travel through life, I continue to discover that greatest joy comes from simplest things.

One of these things is SPRING and everything it brings. Shy rays of sunshine dance on my face, warming me up after the cold, windy winter. Birds sing in anticipation of a beautiful summer and abundance of food.

Little seeds of beans and tomatoes I have planted in a pot on my window sill, have sprouted, raising their tiny gentle leafs towards the rays of sun. They feed on sun rays like little babies feed on milk. And every morning, when I check on them, I see that they grew taller.

Flowers will blossom soon, spreading their irresistible aroma all over. I love the smell of spring, and it's feel. I love the smell and touch of earth, defrosted and so alive.

Going back to our childhood and taking a step back to smell and experience spring is what life is about.

Happy Spring everybody!


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