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Monday Motivator: Journey

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The journey

One day a son and father were traveling to the neighboring city. Son was walking next to the donkey while the father was sitting on the donkey. "Poor boy" : a man passing by said, "His small feet can barely walk while the father is sitting comfortably on the donkey." Hearing this, the father got off the donkey and put his son on the donkey instead of him. As he was walking, another man passed by saying " How shameful! The child is sitting on the donkey like a king while his elderly father has to walk!"

The child got very upset from these words and asked his father to sit on the donkey with him. A woman passing buy exclaimed: "Wow! you are torturing the animal! 2 healthy, lazy men sitting on the poor donkey who is bending behind your weight." Both son and father got embarrassed, got off the donkey, and started walking by it. They just made a few steps when a man nearby said;" Your donkey is useless. You can't even use it for riding!"

Father fed the donkey, hugged his son and told him" No matter what we do, there will be always a person who disagrees. That's why we should do what we believe in."

Transformation Tutoring wishes you an amazing week ahead and encourages you to always believe in yourself and listen to your intuition.


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