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Transformation Tutoring guide to surviving finals.

chemistry tutor NYC

It is this time of the year again. Finals are upon us. Students are feeling overwhelmed and stressed. We have developed a guide for our students to use to feel less stressed during the finals and ace their tests.

Here we go:

1. Make a list of everything you need to cover broken down by subject.

For example: Chemistry 1. Do first practice final 2. Do second practice final 3. Redo old tests 4. Redo quizzes 5. Redo HW's

2. Make sure to list everything in order of priority, so you can make sure you do what's most important first and don't have to cram it in.

3. Take breaks. Don't pull all nighters. For every two hours of studying, take a fifteen to a thirty minutes break. Treat yourself to a small walk, a cup of coffee, or a nice meal.

4. Study for multiple subjects in the same day. Otherwise, studying will get really boring. I like to do two to three subjects a day. Also, you want to make sure to spread your time well and not focus on just one subject for the majority of time while leaving the others for the night before the test.

5. Hire a tutor. If tutoring is affordable for you, it will be extremely helpful. A great tutor can help to explain complicated topics in easy and doable ways. He/she can also help with organizing and generally reducing anxiety.

At Transformation Tutoring, our great tutors are available to tutor in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Staten Island, Queens, and online. We tutor chemistry, biology, math, physics, calculus, anatomy and physiology, etc. Call 646-407-9078 to schedule your tutoring session today.


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