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Preparing yourself for summer classes

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How to prepare for summer college classes?

Many college students choose to take summer classes for a variety of reasons such as getting done earlier, retaking the classes in the summer or getting pre-requisites out of the way. Many premed students, especially those in post-bac program, take chemistry or organic chemistry during summer.

What do I have to know about summer classes?

It is important to note that summer classes for rigorous subjects such as chemistry, biology and physics are very intense. A student will learn in one and a half months, what others learn in half a year. The class usually meets every day and students learn a chapter every few days. For classes that include lab, such as chemistry, it is important to note that instead of having one lab a week, during the summer, students will have to do multiple labs in a week. Therefore, we have to emphasize that summer science and math classes, are very rigorous and time consuming. If you are considering taking a summer class, please make sure to be able to dedicate the majority of your time to it in order to succeed.

How do I prepare for the summer class?

At Transformation Tutoring, we advise our students to start preparing for the summer class early. For example, if a student is taking chemistry 2 class in July and August, we suggest starting to go over chapters and reading the book at the end of May. Due to the time limited nature of the class, preparing ahead will give you a head start and allow you to not fall behind. For classes that have labs, be prepared to dedicated a lot of time to the lab. Writing out a lab report, doing pre-lab and post-lab assignments is very time consuming. Also not, that we advise taking a maximum of two classes in the summer (if they are rigorous) to be able to dedicate time.

When should I take a summer class?

It is a good idea to take a summer class if you are retaking the class, or if you are on a time crunch. Furthermore, taking easy pre-req classes during summer is also a good way to get them out of the way further.

At Transformation Tutoring, our amazing chemistry, biology and math tutors are ready to help our students succeed in their summer classes. We tutor in NYC, Brooklyn, Staten Island and online. Please call 646-407-9078 to schedule a session today.


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