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Which of the following orbitals can not exist?

Which of the following orbitals can not exist:
A. 2p
B. 3d
C. 5d
D. 3f
E. 160p

The first quantum number is n, principle energy level, and n can be any integer 1 2 3 and so on.
The next quantum number is l and l has a rule that depends on n. l has to go from 0 to n minus 1. For example if n=3, l =0,1,2.
L is also represented by letters. When l=0=s, l=1=p, l=2=d, l=3=f
Choice D is wrong since n=3 and l=3=f. l can not equal to 3 since if n=3, the possible values for l are 0,1 or 2.


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