How to predict the reactants of            Hoffman Exhaustive Methylation

Transformation Tutoring founder Mayya shows how to easily predict the reactants of Hoffman Exhaustive Methylation when products are given.

1. Start by numbering carbons

2. List out of all of the possibilities of carbons connected to the double bonds (1 carbon per double bond)

3. Connect nitrogen to the listed carbons in each scenario, and get rid of the double bond. 

Naming Ionic Compounds

In this video, we learn how to name ionic compounds.

There are three categories of ionic compounds:

1.metal with nonmetal,

2. metal with polyatomic ion, or

3. two polyatomic ions.


To name metal and nonmetal, first name the metal and then nonmetal with ending "ide". To name metal with polyatomic ion, write the name of metal followed by the name of polyatomic ion.

For 2 polyatomic ions, simply write the name of first polyatomic ion followed by the name of second polyatomic ion.

Finally, we have to use Roman Numerals when an ionic compound has a transition metal in it. Roman Numeral represents the oxidation number of the metal for the ionic compound we are working with. To find the correct Roman numeral we use the criss cross method shown in the video. 

SAT Chemistry Study Guide Questions 1-3

SAT Chemistry Study Guide Questions 1-3

Questions 1-3 refer to the following aqueous solutions.

(A) 0.1 M HCl

(B) 0.1 M NaCl

(C) 0.1 M HC2H3O2

(D) 0.1 M CH3OH

(E) 0.1 M KOH

1. Is weakly acidic

2. Has the highest pH

3. Reacts with an equal volume of 0.05 M Ba(OH)2 to form a solution with pH = 7