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                                 Biology Tutors in NYC, Brooklyn, Staten Island and online.

Our Biology tutors are true experts of their field and have been tutoring biology for many years!

We prepare students in NYC, Brooklyn, and online for high school and college biology courses and tests.


There is nothing we love more than to see our students succeed. That is why we put so much effort with each and every student and create a unique study plan that suits each student best.

We provide Biology tutoring for the following tests: SAT Biology, Regent Biology, AP Biology, MCAT, and DAT.

Just last year one of our students went from a 64 on the first exam to 92 on the Final, and an A in class.



































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Cristina - Biology Wiz

Background: Christina earned B.S. in Microbial Biotechnology, B.A. in English, and Minor in Biochemistry from Rutgers University and Masters in Nutrition from NYU. She is currently in Dental school

Subjects:  High School subjects: Biology, AP Biology, SAT II Biology M, .


College level subjects: Biology, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Genetics, and Anatomy & Physiology

Approach: Cristina truly cares about her students and always makes sure to encourage them and share her love and passion for biology with them. She has been working as a Biology tutor for over 3 years, helping dozens of students achieve amazing results. 

Sai  - Biology Expert

Background: Sai graduated from NYU with a Bachelor of Science degree in Neural Science.  Sai scored in 520 on the MCAT. 

Subjects:  Biology, MCAT, General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry


I focus on conceptual learning. I’ve learned throughout the years that being able to deduce well is a skill that is far more useful than being able to regurgitate well. You really get a whole new level of understanding when you ask questions and try to learn the underpinnings of phenomenon taught in class. In the end, my goal is to not only help my students do better in class but also help them attain the skills necessary to succeed in any educational endeavor they desire. 


To try to implement this kind of learning, I try to challenge my students to think outside of the scope of knowledge they’ve learned, helping them apply concepts in new situations. I also have them teach me and re-explain things to me, helping them simplify what they know. Being able to take something really complex and deconvolve it to simple statements is really the key to learning; it truly does mean you understand the nuances of subject matter. 


Often, people confuse gpa with being a stellar student. While having a good gpa reflects discipline, hard work, and a level of smarts, having a desire to learn and asking critical questions truly reflects a great student. If I got anything out of my undergrad, it’s that I learned how to learn. I hope to pass this on to my students! 

George  - Biology Expert


  • Bachelors of Science in Biology: Neurobiology and Physiology from Stony Brook University. Pursuing Masters of Science in Microbiology at Wagner College in Staten Island, New York


  • High School Level: SAT Biology, Regents Living Environment, General and AP Biology

  • College Level: Anatomy and Physiology I & II, Anatomy, Mammalian Physiology, Microbiology


My tutoring approach is flexible and depends on the needs of the individual. Some students prefer more visual learning than the classical lecture style approach. In order fro you to be a successful tutor, you must have multiple ways to address the same student concerns. Some approaches may be effective while others are not. Flexibility, patience and persistence are key.

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