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Physical Chemistry Tutor Online: Jing Z.

Jing Z is an expert physical chemistry tutor with over 10 years of tutoring experience. 


Physical chemistry is a course that combines chemistry with physics and requires calculus knowledge.

The two semesters consist of : Quantum Mechanics & Spectroscopy and Thermodynamics and Kinetics.

General topics learned: Early Quantum Theory, The Schro ̈dinger Equation,H. O. and Rigid Rotor, The Hydrogen Atom, Approximation Methods, Multielectron Atoms, Bonding: Diatomics, Bonding: Polyatomics, Group Theory, Molecular Spectroscopy, Thermodynamics and the First Law, Entropy and the Second Law, Thermodynamic potentials, Thermodynamics of phase transitions, Conformational equilibria, Thermodynamics of ligand binding, Statistical mechanics and molecular interactions, Chemical kinetics. 

Jing Z: Physics/Physical Chemistry Master
physical chemistry tutor online

Physical Chemistry textbooks that are most often used include: 

  • Physical Chemistry: Principles and Applications in Biological Sciences by Ignacio Tinoco, Jr., Kenneth Sauer, James C. Wang, Joseph D. Puglisi, Gerard Harbison, and David Rovnyak.

  • Quantum Chemistry & Spectroscopy, Thomas Engel, Pearson Education, Inc.

  • Physical Chemistry, Ira Levine 

  • Physical Chemistry for the Biosciences, Raymond Chang 

  • Physical Chemistry , Peter Atkins and Julio De Paula

  • Physical Chemistry: A Molecular Approach by Donald McQuarrie and John Simon 


Rutgers-New Brunswick, B.S. in Physics Cum Laude

Columbia University, Fu Foundation School of Engineering, M.S. in Applied Physics (Medical Physics)


I have been tutoring for 9 years and I specialize in advanced classes that are closely related to fields such as physics, math, chemistry and engineering. One subject that I have been consistently getting good reviews on is the infamous Physical Chemistry (AKA P-Chem). This subject requires understanding of Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Statistics, Thermodynamics, Quantum Physics, Calculus and Differential Equations in order for someone to explain it well. As a physics major, I tend to have teaching advantage that others often don't have in tutoring Physical Chemistry and my graduate school education offers understanding of the application of Physical Chemistry in the field of Medicine, Chemistry and Engineering. 

I have tutored many students from different schools in both undergraduate and graduate school levels both locally, in the NYC area and online.

These schools include Columbia, Cornell, NYU, Yeshiva University, CUNY, SUNY, Touro College, Manhattan College, Fordham University, Dartmouth, Stevens Institute of Technology, Rutgers-New Brunswick. 

"Hi Jing! I just finished taking the final and it went really well. This is the most confident I felt in comparison to all the other exams. Thank you so much for your help!"

College: UT Austin

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