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biology, chemistry, calculus, physics tutors nyc

"Crystal clear in almost half an hour"

"Creative and engaging"

"Mayya was the best tutor that I could have asked for! She was my tutor for organic chemistry II at NYU this summer. I had already taken the course at my own university, Brown, and having done poorly in it, dropped the course and decided to take it again this summer. Mayya made things that were not clear to me over the course of a year in a half, crystal clear in almost an hour. She was always there with practice problems and explanations and always willing to answer all of the questions that I had. I would have never been as successful as I was in the course without Mayya!"

Alexa S, NYU

"I dont have to repeat chemistry!"


I got my test back, and I got an 84.  I dont have to repeat chemistry!!!! Thank you sooo much!"

Luisa S, high school

"Mayya is a delightful tutor! She is working in a creative and engaging way with my 15 year old daughter in chemistry. They are having fun!

​Isabelle P, La Guardia H.S.

"Thank you so much"

"Hi! Just wanted to let you know I got an 82 on my exam! Thats more then I would have ever thought I would have made!!! Thank you so much for all your help!"

Taylor F., NYU

"I highly recommend her"

"Great organic chemistry tutor! Takes the time to explain complicated concepts, has a good grasp of the material and is very patient. I highly recommend her."

Sarah C, post-bac

"Truly a remarkable tutor"

"Outstanding. Truly a remarkable tutor, as well as individual. I have experienced a wide variety of mentors ranging in different subjects, although Mayya is by far the most coherent, proficient, and pleasant educators I have had the privilege of working with. Specifically, I used her services for Chemistry. However, from our sessions, it is evident that she possess a thorough understanding of other academic subjects. She makes seemingly complex topics easy to comprehend and enjoyable at the same time. Her style of teaching enlisted me with a sense of reassurance, in that she consistently provides clear explanations, as well as useful techniques when solving elaborate problems. In short, her overall intellect is phenomenal. With a great personality, a timely appearance at each scheduled lesson, and an excellent approach towards teaching, this tutor is an absolute must. One of the finest for sure."

Edwin B., LIU

"Thank you Thank you Thank you"

Hi Mayya!! The exam went well!! Thank you so much for all your help. I dont think I would've done as well as I think I did it if it weren't for you. I listened to your advice and didn't waste time reviewing old stuff. Everything was very straightforward and SURPRISINGLY I FINISHED THE ENTIRE EXAM. Thank you thank you thank you


Krishna P., NYU

"I got an A!"

"I got an 86 on the final exam and the average was 65. The final grades are already posted and I got an A. Thank you so much for your help."

Lisa P, NYU

"A fantastic tutor"

Mayya is truly a fantastic tutor and I cannot thank her enough. I felt overwhelmed and uneasy delving into chemistry, but she made each topic accessible and easy to understand. Mayya had a keen eye in recognizing how I learn best, and this helped me progress in my studies. She is patient and supportive. From creating practice exams tailored to my needs, to texting me to wish me luck on my exams – it was sincerely heartwarming and encouraging. I started this course feeling lost and discouraged, and Mayya made chemistry not only bearable, but also FUN! She went above and beyond. I really looked forward to meeting with her each week and learning something new. It was a wonderful experience. ...I also aced my final exam!


Jill K., post-baccalaureate

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