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mcat tutor nyc

 DAT Tutoring in NYC

Taking DAT soon?

Our team of expert DAT tutors will help you accomplish your goals and ace the test. We live and breath science and pre-health tests! We might be nerdy but we are proud to admit our passion.

We are available for DAT tutoring in person and online.

Our tutors use individual approaches for each student paired with quality practice and clear explanations.


We are veterans of our fields and love what we do!

Are you ready to start your DAT tutoring journey? Contact us here

What is DAT all about?


Test duration: 4 hours and 45 minutes


Test sections:

Natural Sciences: biology, general chemistry and organic chemistry

Perceptual Ability: two dimensional and three dimensional perception

Reading comprehension

Quantitative reasoning



Scores used in the testing program range from 1 to 30. A scale score of 18 usually signifies average performance on a national basis. Scores are given right after the completion of the test.


DAT fee: $430








"I am so so happy!"

Thank you so much Mayya. You really helped me. I appreciate it so much! All my sections were top 25 or top 10 percent!!


Hannah S, DAT test

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