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MCAT tutor nyc

Mayya Alocci is a passionate tutor, learning addict, and a science junkie with over 13 years of tutoring experience. She scored an outstanding 97 percentile on the  Chemical and Physical Foundations of Biological Systems section of the New MCAT. Mayya's students are graduated of NYU and Columbia medical schools among many others. 

In 2010, Mayya graduated from NYU Cum Laude with a double major in Chemistry and Psychology. Throughout her college path, Mayya was able to achieve numerous academic awards through hard work and motivation. She was on the Deans list for 4 consecutive years, and has been named a University Scholar and Presidential Honors Scholar. Moreover, she has been written about in an Honorary article featured in “Legacy” magazine's Summer 2009 issue.

Vol.3, Issue 1 (Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation)

Prior to attending NYU, Mayya graduated as Valedictorian from Lafayette High School where she received a number of scholarships and honors including the Leaders of Tomorrow (LOT) Scholarship and Athlete of the Week Scholarship.

From a very early age, Mayya knew that she loved to teach. This passion was further strengthened in college when she worked as a teacher's assistant for SIELP (Summer Intensive English Language Program) and tutored her fellow classmates in chemistry.

Since graduation, Mayya has worked as a full time Chemistry and MCAT tutor. With thousands of hours of tutoring and hundreds of students, Mayya is considered an expert in her field. Many of her students have been with her for over 5 years, and to many, she became a mentor. Mayya believes that with the right supporting tutor and motivation, a student can achieve any academic goal. Her approach is to make lessons fun, interactive, and encouraging, while breaking down complicated material into simple steps. She is proud to say that her students have been able to reach their dreams of entering top graduate programs and colleges.

Mayya knows very well the struggles of learning, coming to the United States at the age of 14 with no English knowledge.  She aspires to be a role model to her students and an inspiration to her fellow tutors.

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