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   Online Organic Chemistry Tutor, Mayya Alocci


Education: Graduate of New York University (NYU) Cum Laude with a Chemistry and Psychology double major.

Experience: Over 13 years of full time tutoring experience specializing in general and organic chemistry.

Passion: I live and breathe tutoring. I love to see my students understand and master complex concepts after struggling at first. My approach centers around the student and practicing many, many problems. I believe that mistakes and questions are essential to productive learning. I am proud of my students, many of whom are now pharmacists and doctors. Many students gained admission to the graduate and medical schools of their dreams.

Organic chemistry, also called ochem and orgo, is a class notorious for weeding out premed and prehealth students. Getting an organic chemistry tutor means investing in your future and increasing the chances of getting into the program of your dreams.


Why Choose Me As Your Organic Chemistry Tutor?

I am a professional organic chemistry tutor with over 13 years of full time chemistry tutoring experience. Every year, I dedicate hundreds of hours to tutoring organic chemistry students and helping them feel more confident in their classes. Many students increase their grade by multiple letters and go from failing to acing their classes. 

I am NYU Honors graduate with a chemistry major. I have taken the classes myself and aced them in one of the most challenging universities. I received As in organic chemistry I and II. I also scored an 97% on the MCAT Physical and Chemical Science Section.

I tutor chemistry only. This means I am highly specialized in the subject. I have worked with students from colleges all over the Unites States. I have worked with many different organic chemistry textbooks as well. I have made ochem YouTube videos. I have written organic chemistry tutorials. 

I love organic chemistry. Orgo was my favorite subject in college and this is why I decided to major in chemistry. It can be fun and it brings me great joy to see my students ace one of the most difficult classes in their  pre-health journey.

I love teaching. I come from a family of teachers and find it truly rewarding when my students go from feeling lost in their classes to understanding the topics and acing their tests. 

I am efficient. I cover in 1.5 hours what takes other tutors  3 or more hours. 


Some of the colleges I worked with include: NYU, LIU, Rutgers, Penn State, Saint John's, Fordham, Brooklyn College, Stony Brook, Binghampton, Brown, Sophie Davis Program, Cornell, John Hopkins and many more.


Want to see my tutoring style? Check out my Youtube Channel 

"Mayya helped me increase my organic chemistry grade by 2 whole letters. By the final exam, I felt so prepared due to her efficient and concise breakdown of the most important concepts of orgo. She made everything so much less stressful and overwhelming and it was a pleasure to work with her. I could tell from the start of our sessions together that she knows the ins and outs of organic chemistry, as she always answered my questions with so much insight and detail. Overall, an amazing experience!"


Vincenza D,  Rutgers University


My organic chemistry tutoring sessions are offered online or in person in the Washington DC area. For online tutoring, I use video chat along with a virtual whiteboard. I make a unique whiteboard for each student. My students can always access their white boards to look back at our work and review our lessons. They can also write on their board and upload the problems they would like to work on. 

My sessions are catered to the unique needs of each student. I truly believe that the best way to learn organic chemistry is through a lot of practice. Usually, I go over the topic giving my tips and tricks as well as practice examples. Along the way I encourage my students to ask questions. I also ask questions to make sure they understand the material and ask them to show me how they solve practice questions. I use professor's notes, past exams, home work questions and textbook to make sure we go over the material that is specific to the organic chemistry class my student is taking. The goal is always to do well on the exam. This means practicing a lot of questions that are similar to the exams given. I know for a fact that mistakes are an essential part of our learning and do not discourage my students from making them. My approach relies on a lot of encouragement, understanding and patience.


I tutor during weekdays as well as weekend morning and evening hours. My availability is limited. Make sure to get in touch and set regular meeting days and times to make sure I do not put another student in. 


Cancellation/Rescheduling policy: Please give a 24 hour notice if you would like to cancel or reschedule a lesson. Otherwise, a 50% session fee will be charged.


Payments: All payments must be made prior to the session beginning to secure your time. Payments can be made via Venmo or Zelle. 

"I got an 86 on the final exam and the average was 65. The final grades are already posted and I got an A. Thank you so much for your help."

​Lisa P, NYU

 "Mayya was the best tutor that I could have asked for! She was my tutor for organic chemistry II at NYU this summer. I had already taken the course at my own university, Brown, and having done poorly in it, dropped the course and decided to take it again this summer. Mayya made things that were not clear to me over the course of a year in a half, crystal clear in almost an hour. She was always there with practice problems and explanations and always willing to answer all of the questions that I had. I would have never been as successful as I was in the course without Mayya!"

                                                                                                                Alexa S, NYU

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