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Get outstanding Organic Chemistry tutoring from an Honors NYU graduate with a Chemistry and Psychology double major. Mayya is not only the founder of Transformation Tutoring, but also a veteran of Chemistry tutor with over 12 years of experience. We now offer online organic chemistry tutoring as well. Our online platform allows the student to see the tutor, and includes whiteboard where both a tutor and a student can write and solve problems. 



































Mayya has been working as a full time chemistry tutor for over 12 years with incredible results. She has tutored students from the colleges : Harvard, Cornell, NYU, LIU, St Johns, St Josephs, Hunter, Brooklyn, CCNY, Columbia.  Her high school students came from a variety of schools including: Horace Mann, La Guardia, Bronx Science, Styevesant, St. Ann's, etc

Mayya specializes in chemistry tutoring on nearly all levels including general chemistry and organic chemistry.



Mayya graduated Honors from NYU with a double major in Chemistry and Psychology, and is now a founder of Transformation Tutoring. 

She was also a Valedictorian of Lafayette High School.

Mayya scored an outstanding 97% on the new MCAT Physical and Chemical Science Section.


"Mayya was the best tutor that I could have asked for! She was my tutor for organic chemistry II at NYU this summer. I had already taken the course at my own university, Brown, and having done poorly in it, dropped the course and decided to take it again this summer. Mayya made things that were not clear to me over the course of a year in a half, crystal clear in almost an hour. She was always there with practice problems and explanations and always willing to answer all of the questions that I had. I would have never been as successful as I was in the course without Mayya!"​​

Alexa S, NYU



I believe that the key to doing well on any kind of exam is a lot of practice, grouped with hard work and motivation. That is why I try to encourage my students by making subjects fun and exciting while emphasizing the values of hard work and patience. As I explain subject concepts, I ask a lot of questions and go through many problems with my students to make sure they have a good grasp of the subject.

I know for a fact that mistakes are an essential part of our learning and do not discourage my students from making them. My approach relies on a lot of encouragement, understanding and patience.



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