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  Physics Tutor Online


Get an encouraging and knowledgeable physics tutor. Jing has helped hundreds of students achieve their dreams of overcoming physics fears and acing the class. Jing is available for physics tutoring online. He holds masters in applies physics from Columbia University. 

Classes taught: NYU (Phys-UA 11 and Phys-UA 12), Stony Brook (PHY 131 and PHY 132), Columbia (PHYS V1201 and PHYS V1202)






















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Rutgers-New Brunswick, B.S. in Physics Cum Laude

Columbia University, Fu Foundation School of Engineering, M.S. in Applied Physics (Medical Physics)

Physics Tutoring:

I have been tutoring for about 9 years and I specialize in advanced classes that are closely related to fields such as physics, math, chemistry and engineering. One subject that I have been consistently getting good reviews on is the infamous Physical Chemistry (AKA P-Chem). This subject requires understanding of Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Statistics, Thermodynamics, Quantum Physics, Calculus and Differential Equations in order for someone to explain it well. As a physics major, I tend to have advantages that people often don't have in tutoring Physical Chemistry and my graduate school education offers understanding of the application of Physical Chemistry in the field of Medicine, Chemistry and Engineering. 


I have tutored many students from different schools in both undergraduate and graduate school levels both locally in the NYC area or even in other countries! 

These schools include Columbia, Cornell, NYU, Yeshiva University, CUNY, SUNY, Touro College, Manhattan College, Fordham University, Dartmouth, Stevens Institute of Technology, Rutgers-New Brunswick etc. 

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