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Get an encouraging and knowledgeable physics tutor. Jeffrey has helped hundreds of students achieve their dreams of overcoming physics fears and acing the class. Jeffrey is available for physics tutoring in NYC and online. 

Emily is a Summa Cum Laude Cornell grad and is available for physics tutors in NYC, and in Queens.

































Jeffrey attended college at the University of Virginia, where he was an Echols Scholar—part of a program, limited to 6% of the class, for the students who best display academic excellence and intellectual leadership. After majoring in history, Jeff changed course to pursue medicine, completing the post-baccalaureate program at Hunter College with a 4.0 GPA and scored in the 95th percentile on the MCAT before matriculating to SUNY Downstate College of Medicine.


Jeffrey’s tutoring philosophy is to present the material in a way that the student can easily relate to. If a student likes formulas, he will describe phenomena using formulas. If a student prefers learning visually with drawings and diagrams, then he will employ those. Jeffrey will literally do anything possible and will present the material as many ways as necessary until it sticks in the student's mind.

Additionally, Jeffrey will be your biggest supporter and prove to you that you can learn anything, as long as the material is presented in the right way and you are willing to put in the work. He is extremely patient and will never make you feel down or embarrassed about your current level of knowledge, it is all about where you will end up when you are done (i.e. with a great grade/score you are satisfied with).

Physics tutoring:

One of Jeffrey's favorite subjects to tutor is physics. He feels saddened by the way physics is often taught in high school and college. Many students view physics as just another math course and they fail to see the fundamental concepts that help to explain the world that they live in. Physics need not be taught that way. Math is a great tool, but ultimately physics is about having a very strong conceptual understanding of the laws of the universe and then being able to apply them to different and novel scenarios. There is not a lot of information to know in physics, but you definitely have to know it on a very deep level. Once you own the information, then you should practice applying it in as many different situations as you can think of by either doing lots of practice questions or even dreaming up your own.

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Zaeem: NYU Masters in Physics, 

Gold​ Medalist of 17th National Physics Olympiad, Tehran, Iran, 2004



Zaeem is  a graduate of New York University. He received my B.S. in Electrical Engineering and Master of Science in Physics.


Zaeem has been tutoring since the age of 17, and enjoys tutoring and mentoring so much. While he tutors a broad range of subjects, he is most passionate about Math and Physics. Education is a tool  that helps us to improve the quality of life. In his spare time, Zaeem enjoy playing games and also designing games, riding his bike, and watching movies.  


Calculus 1,2 & 3, Geometry, Differential Equations, Linear algebra, Probability,  Quantum Physics 1,2 , Classical Mechanics, Electrodynamics

Test prep: GRE, GMAT, SAT Math, AP physics