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Chemistry Tutor Online And Washington, DC


With over 13 years of full time chemistry tutoring experience, Mayya Alocci is an expert full time chemistry tutor.  She specializes in all levels of chemistry on high school and college levels: High School Chemistry, General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, AP Chemistry, Regent Chemistry and much more. Tutoring is done in person (Bethesda, MD) or online, depending on the student's location and preferences.


To date Mayya has tutored students from: Georgetown, Binghamton, Harvard, NYU, Columbia, LIU, PACE, Brooklyn College, Baruch, Yeshiva University, Hunter, St.Josephs, St.Johns, Fordham, CCNY, La Guardia, Queensborough, BMCC and many more colleges.

Most of her students went from failing their classes to receiving As and Bs, and were able to get into their dream graduate programs! To receive a free consultation about our chemistry tutoring, please contact us here


General Chemistry Tutor, Mayya!




Chemistry Tutor NYC


Mayya was the Valedictorian of Lafayette High school class 2006. She also attended NYU and graduated Cum Laude with a double major in Chemistry and Psychology. Mayya is the founder of Transformation Tutoring



Mayya has been working as a full time chemistry tutor for over 13 years now with incredible results. She has tutored hundreds of students and is considered an expert chemistry tutor. Mayya is the founder of Transformation Tutoring.



Mayya lives and breathes tutoring. She loves to see her students understand and master complex concepts after struggling at first. Her approach centers around the student and practicing many, many problems. Mayya believes that mistakes and questions are essential to productive learning. Mayya is proud of her students, many of whom are now pharmacists and doctors. Many students gained admission to the graduate schools and colleges of their dreams.


"Truly a remarkable tutor"


"Outstanding. Truly a remarkable tutor, as well as individual. I have experienced a wide variety of mentors ranging in different subjects, although Mayya is by far the most coherent, proficient, and pleasant educators I have had the privilege of working with. Specifically, I used her services for Chemistry. However, from our sessions, it is evident that she possess a thorough understanding of other academic subjects. She makes seemingly complex topics easy to comprehend and enjoyable at the same time. Her style of teaching enlisted me with a sense of reassurance, in that she consistently provides clear explanations, as well as useful techniques when solving elaborate problems. In short, her overall intellect is phenomenal. With a great personality, a timely appearance at each scheduled lesson, and an excellent approach towards teaching, this tutor is an absolute must. One of the finest for sure."

Edwin B., LIU

"Improved 30 points in one month"

Mayya was my tutor for general chemistry, and she did a phenomenal job. I can't recommend her highly enough. I literally improved 30 points from midterm to final... IN ONE MONTH of working with her. She quickly gave me the tools I needed to study correctly: she showed me how to study the right things the right way. She always had a gameplan for our tutoring sessions and I really appreciated that structure and focus. In fact, it was contagious! She is also incredibly sweet and always managed to reduce my stress level. She's the best! 


Sasha M, NYU

"I'm starting Columbia Medical School"

I am so thankful for your help with General Chemistry in the Spring of 2012. Now I am starting medical school at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons and I could not have done this without your help! I just wanted to write to you because I really appreciate the time you took to help me.

Shaheen M, Hunter

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