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Math Tutoring Online By Ziyed H.

Ziyed tutors math on all levels starting from elementary school and up to college graduate courses. He is passionate about education and tutoring and loves helping his students achieve amazing results!


Ziyed H: Mathematics Enthusiast

My Tutoring Approach

My approach to tutoring is to create a dynamic learning environment where my students can thrive and succeed through guided practice.  My style of tutoring is a very active approach where my students and I will work together to fully understand and master their mathematics subjects.  I understand that every student has unique needs and unique goals that they need to achieve, and my specialty is helping students of all backgrounds and ages achieve their natural potential as mathematicians.  My lessons are bespoke, custom crafted experiences where my student's mastery is the only objective.  At every step of the way, I conduct diagnostics to determine exactly which areas we need to focus on and practice.  If we need to go back to earlier material in order to iron out any subjects that weren't clear, I will be able to determine exactly where to start within minutes, and we will begin our journey to get back on track right away.  If students are ready to excel beyond what their coursework offers, I will be able to craft special exercises to help them become even more accomplished mathematicians.

I make math easy for my students, and I am sure I can help.


I studied at University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC) as a Mathematics and Financial Economics Double Major.  My academic background consists primarily of upper level Mathematics and Economics courses, and my favorite subjects were my theory-based, pure mathematics courses.  I earned a perfect 4.0 GPA across all of my coursework, and I was awarded the Freeman Hrabowski President’s Advisory Council Scholarship for outstanding achievement as a Mathematics student.  My academic achievement allowed me the distinction of being accepted to the United States Securities and Exchange Commission as a Student Honors Intern for their Division of Economic Risk and Analysis.  I have been tutoring throughout my academic career, and I have been working as a professional tutor of mathematics for over 7 years


I specialize in all levels of math ranging from fundamental math to university level subjects, such as Single-Variable and Multi-Variable Calculus, Linear Algebra, and Statistics.  In addition to subject tutoring, I also have experience tutoring a wide variety of quantitative/math-based exams.

Some of the subjects and tests I have tutored include:
Fundamental Mathematics (starting from addition if necessary)


Algebra 1 & 2

College Algebra


Calculus 1, 2, & 3 (Single-Variable and Multi-Variable Calculus)

Linear Algebra

Statistics (Introductory and Calculus-Based)

SAT I Math Section

ACT Math Section

GRE Quantitative Section

GMAT Quantitative Section

AP Calculus AB and BC

AP Statistics

U.S. Customs and Border Patrol Arithmetic Reasoning

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