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NYU General And Organic Chemistry Tutor 2024

Mayya Alocci is a veteran chemistry tutor with over 14 years of tutoring experience. She is an Honors graduate of NYU with a double major in chemistry and psychology. Mayya has tutored hundreds of NYU students in general and organic chemistry with outstanding results resulting in many successful medical school admissions. She is the founder of Transformation Tutoring. 
NYU General Chemistry
(CHEM-UA 125 and CHEM-UA 126)

On track students take General Chemistry with professor John M. Halpin. He provides his notes which summarize the book chapters and have practice problems. He also provides students with a booklet of past exams before every exam which is incredibly useful in test preparation.
Textbook Used: The Molecular Nature of Matter and Change, 9th Ed., by Martin S. Silberberg
Exams and Quizzes:  Every semester there are two exams and a final. There are also quizzes every week except for the exam weeks.
Grades: Labs = 100 points, Quizzes = 40 points , Exam1 = 65 points, Exam 2 = 65 points, Final = 75 points, Home Work =30 points, Learning Groups (attendance/participation) = 15 points, Smart book assignments = 10 points, 
Grading scheme: 
370-400 .......... A
350-369 .......... A-
330-349 .......... B+
305-329 .......... B
285-304 .......... B-
265-284 .......... C+
240-264 .......... C
220-239 .......... C-
200-219 .......... D
< 200     .......... F
Best way to prepare: Focus on the notes and the practice problems given by professor Halpin as well as recitation instructor and learning group instructor. General chemistry is all about practice. Practice as much as can daily. Get a graphing calculator. It will definitely make your life easier when it comes to long calculations. 
Other General Chemistry Professors:
Other professors teaching general chemistry include: Dr. Malgorzata (Margaret) Mandziuk, 

NYU Organic Chemistry

(CHEM UA-225 and CHEM UA-226)

Organic Chemistry at NYU is usually taught by the following professors: Weck, Tosovska, Parasram
Textbook Used: “Organic Chemistry,” Jones & Fleming 
Grades: Quizzes are 10%, Exam1 is 20%, Exam 2 is 20%, Final is 25%, Lab is 25% (some years there are 3 exams and a final and sometimes 2 exams). 
How to do well:  Do all of the in chapter and end of chapter practice problems. Go through group problems thoroughly and make sure you understand them and can do them on your own. Go over as many past exam questions as possible. Like always, practice makes perfect and hard work and time can make a difficult class easier and more fun. 
The preparation will depend on the professor you have and what kind of problems and topics the professor puts focus on.
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