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SAT Chemistry Practice Exam 1

Part C

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26. When Co-60 undergoes beta decay, what is the resulting nuclide?

a. K-60

b. Co-61

c. K-58

d. Fe-61

e. Ni-60

27. What is the oxidation number for manganese in KMnO4?

a. -1

b. +3

c. +5

d. +7

e. -3

28. When 1L of 0.6M SrBr2 solution is diluted to 3L, what is the final concentration?

a. 0.1M

b. 1M

c. 1.2M

d. 0.2M

e. 0.3M

31.Which of the following compounds has the same % by mass of C as C3H6?

a. CH4

b. C3H8

c. C2H4

d. C5H12

e. C4H6

33. Which of the following will react with Mg(OH)2?

a. NH4Cl

b. KBr

c. NH3

d. NaI

e. NaOH

34. How many moles of oxygen are in 176 g of CO2?

a. 16 moles

b. 3 moles

c. 8 moles

d. 4 moles

e. 5 moles

35. Which of the following have the same empirical formula as N2O6?


II N10O30


a. I only

b. III only

c. II and III

d. I and II

e. I, II and III

37. How many grams of Neon gas would be contained in 12.2L at STP?

a. 7 g

b. 10g

c. 20g

d. 9g

e. 40g

39. Which of the following aqueous solutions will have the lowest freezing point?

a. 0.1M Sr(OH)2

b. 0.1M CH4

c. 0.1M KMnO4

d. 0.1M HF

e. 0.1M C6H12O6

40 All of these compounds are most likely to exist EXCEPT

a. BeF

b. MgI2

c. Cs2S

d. SrCl

e. FeO

42. Which of the following pairs will produce a precipitate?

a. KBr and AgCl

b. NaCl and LiI

c. NH4Br and Al(NO3)3

d. CsBr and MgCl2

e. KI and NH4I

43. What is a possible molecular formula of a compounds that is approximately 30% N and 70% oxygen?

a. N2O

b. N2O4

c. NO3

d. NO

e. NO4

44. Which of the following is not a property of hydrogen sulfide?

a. it is colorless

b. it has a strong odor

c. it is soluble in water

d. it is capable of hydrogen bonding

e. it is poisonous

45. When 5 moles of water decompose to hydrogen and oxygen gas, how many grams of oxygen form?

a. 80g

b. 160g

c. 16g

d. 40g

e. 32g

47. When methane underwent combustion in the lab, it produced 20 grams of water. If the % yield was 80%, what was the theoretical yield of water?

a. 30 grams

b. 16 grams

c. 25 grams

d. 100 grams

e. 18 grams

48. Which of the following quantum number sets can not exist?

a. n=2, l=1, ml=1, ms=1/2

b. n=3, l=2, ml=1, ms= -1/2

c. n=1, l=1, ml=1, ms=1/2

d. n=2, l=1, ml=1, ms= - 1/2

e. n=1, l=0, ml=0, ms=1/2

53. What is the half-life of a radioactive isotope that disintegrates to 6.25% of its original mass in 100 days?

a. 50 days

b. 200 days

c. 10 days

d. 25days

e. 20days

55. When compared to a solution with pH=5, the solution with pH=8 has

a. 10 times more hydroxide ions

b. 30 times less hydrogen ions

c. 1000 times more hydroxide ions

d. 30 times less hydroxide ions

e. 3 times less hydrogen ions

58. Which of the following will have the same volume at 4g of He gas at STP

a. 6g of H2

b. 20 g of O2

c. 20g of Ne

d. 10 g of Li

e. 2g of F2

59. Which of the following reactions will not happen?

a. Na + HCl

b. HF + Ba(OH)2

c. Au + NaCl

d. AgNO3 + KBr

e. CH4 + O2

60. Which of the following will decrease the solubility of AgCl in water

a. increasing temperature

b. stirring

c. decreasing the volume of the container

d. adding CaCl2 to the solution

e. increasing pressure

61. Under what condition do real gases differ most from ideal gases

a. high temperature and high pressure

b. high temperature and low pressure

c. low temperature and high pressure

d. low temperature and low pressure

e. high temperature only

62 Which of the following has a carbon with an sp2 hybridization

a. C2H2

b. CH4

c. C2H4

d. C3H4

e. C3H8

63. What kind of intermolecular forces are responsible for the high boiling point of HF?

a. London dispersion

b. Hydrogen bonding

c. Dipole-dipole

d. Ionic

e. Covalent

65.  What piece of laboratory equipment is not necessary for the distillation technique?

a. Bunsen burner

b. Condenser

c. Beaker

d. Thermometer

e. Separatory funnel

66. Which of the following is true for a solution of KBr dissolved in water

a. It is acidic

b. It has a lower boiling point than pure water

c. It has a higher vapor pressure than pure water

d. It conducts electricity better than pure water

e. It is less dense than pure water

68. When 1 mole of C4H8 is burned in excess oxygen, what is the coefficient of H2O?

a. 2

b. 4

c. 1

d. 3

e. 5

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