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Practice SAT Chemistry

Topic: Gases

1. What is the volume of 3 moles of N2 gas at STP?

a. 6L

b. 67.2L

c. 22.4L

d. 44.8L

e. 9L

Questions 2-4 refer to the following answer choices:

A. O2

B. H2


D. CO2

E. NH3


2. This gas is a product of hydrocarbon combustion reaction with excess oxygen​

3. This gas forms a basic solution when dissolved in water

4. This gas is produced from the reaction of sodium and water

5. The solubility of gases decreases with high temperatures


at higher temperature the kinetic energy of solute gas molecules increases allowing them to escape from the solution.

6. If 2 liters of oxygen gas at 20°C are heated to 50°C at constant pressure, what expression will represent the new volume?

Screen Shot 2020-11-11 at 9.10.46 PM.png

7. When 3 moles of nitrogen gas are mixed with 6 moles of oxygen gas, the partial pressure of nitrogen becomes 150 torr. What will the partial pressure of oxygen be?

a. 300 torr

b. 150 torr

c. 50 torr

d. 100 torr

e. 600 torr

8.How many grams of CO2 are needed to occupy 44.8L container at STP?

a. 44g

b. 88g

c. 22g

d. 102g

e. 240g

9. Helium will diffuse four times faster than oxygen gas


Rate of diffusion of gas is inversely proportional to its molar mass

10. Nitrogen gas will have more atoms than hydrogen gas at the same volume, temperature and pressure BECAUSE nitrogen has a higher molar mass than hydrogen

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