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MCAT Group Lessons

We are now offering MCAT 2015 Group Lessons

What is the price per lesson?

For a limited time only, each session is only $50 for 2 hours.

How many students attend the lessons?

Classes are limited to up to 20 students to make sure each student gets proper attention.

How are sessions structured?

During the first hour of the lesson, we go over theory and learn new concepts. During the remaining time, we practice passages, take quizzes, and go over problems.

How are these sessions different from those of other tutoring companies?

For most tutoring companies, classes consist of a lecturer standing in front of the students and reading power point slides. Instructors try to get through the vast information in a short period of time, leaving students on their own to practice and truly learn material.

We believe that practice is absolutely necessary in acing MCAT, and that is why we dedicate so much time to going over passages, learning how to deal with tricky questions, and what concepts to focus on.

Morever, in the new MCAT we see different subjects combined together, such as a biochemistry passage having physics, biology, and general chemistry questions. During our sessions, we show various patterns between different subjects and how they are connected to one another. We see, for example, how general chemistry concept of free energy, is relevant to the biochemistry concept of enzymes.

What subjects are taught during each session?

During each lesson, we go over 1-2 topics depending on their length and difficulty. We go over all of the MCAT2015 subjects including General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry, Biology, Psychology, Sociology, Physics and Verbal.


To sign up or learn more, please call us at 646-407-9078 or contact here



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